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The 2019 RPA QAPI MOC Program has closed

Participating nephrologists who attend at least five (5) QAPI meetings at their dialysis facility in a six (6) month period in 2019 will be able to claim 20 Practice Assessment Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points under the Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) Program. All nephrologists who maintain their certification through ABIM are eligible to earn MOC credit through QAPI activities. Nephrologists had until January 31, 2020 at 5pm EST to earn 2019 credits.

The following dialysis organizations are participating in the 2019 Program: 

American Renal Associates
Aspirus Hospitals and Clinics
Atlantic Dialysis Management Services
Berkshire Medical Center
Branson Dialysis/Harrison Dialysis
Centers for Dialysis Care
Chattanooga Kidney Centers
DaVita, Inc. 
Dialyze Direct
Fresenius Kidney Care
Greenfield Health Systems
Laurel Canyon Dialysis/Santa Clarita Dialysis
Loyola Center for Dialysis
Satellite Healthcare 
Tift Regional Health System Dialysis Center
U.S. Renal Care
University of Virginia 


If your dialysis organization is not listed, you were not eligible to participate in this program in 2019.

Contact the help desk at or call 888-669-7444 with any technical questions or concerns. 

Instructions for Nephrologists

If your dialysis organization is listed above, please complete the following steps. 

  • You must register directly on the RPA QAPI MOC Program Portal.

    • If you have used PQRSwizard, MIPSwizard, RPA Kidney Quality Improvement Registry or Medconcert, or participated in the RPA QAPI MOC Program in 2018, you will use the same username and password for this site.

    • If you have not previously registered, please click the "Get Started" button and follow the prompts.

      If you need help with your Medconcert password, please use the “forgot password” link on Medconcert or email RPA does not have access to this password. 

  • Select RPA QAPI MOC program and complete the registration. If you do not see the RPA QAPI MOC Program, enter "QAPI" into the search box.

  • Select the dialysis organization, state, and facility where you attend QAPI meetings.
    • Note: if you are affiliated with Berkshire Medical Center, DaVita, Inc, Dialyze Direct, Fresenius Kidney Care, Satellite Healthcare, or U.S. Renal Care, you will only enter the dialysis organization name and then click the Continue button.
  • Indicate which QAPI meetings you attended as well as the topic for each. Nephrologists must attend 5 QAPI meetings in a 6-month period to claim MOC credits. You must submit this information to receive your MOC credits. 
  • All QAPI information must be submitted by January 31, 2020 at 5pm EST for the 2019 program year.
  • The dialysis organization or facility will verify your participation.
    • Note: this may take a few weeks. 
    • You may check your status by logging back into the RPA QAPI MOC Portal. 
  • Following verification by the dialysis organization or facility, RPA will transmit your participation data to ABIM, and ABIM will issue the MOC credit.
    • Note: ABIM may take up to 14 business days to review requests and award credits. 

The program is $50 per year, per nephrologist. You do not need to be a RPA member to participate. 

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