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Information for Georgia

Medicare Information

Physician Fee Schedule look-up allows you to search pricing amounts, payment policy indicators, RVUs, and GPCIs by a single procedure code, a range and a list of procedure codes. You may search for the national payment amount, a specific Carrier/MAC or a specific Carrier/MAC locality.

Physician Fee Schedule Search

MAC Name:

Palmetto GBA

MAC Contact Information:

Phone: (855)696-0705

Medical Director:

Antonietta Sculimbrene, MD, MHA

Coverage Policies:

LCD: Frequency of Hemodialysis (L34575)

CAC Representative:

William Waters, MD

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans

Medicaid Information

Medicaid Website:

Georgia Medicaid


See the Kaiser Family Foundations Medicaid Benefits Online Database

State Nephrology Society

State Nephrology Society: The Georgia - South Carolina Society of Nephrology

Helpful Links

State Health Facts from the Kaiser Family Foundation

Stateline - a comprehensive site with state health policy information

Legislature addresses physician autonomy and graduate medical education and tort reform

Medicaid RAC Program Contacts

Provider Compliance Group Interactive Map

State News

AMA, Georgia physicians support state's prompt pay law in court
Georgia enacts Standard of Care Protection Act

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