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Information for Washington

Medicare Information

Physician Fee Schedule look-up allows you to search pricing amounts, payment policy indicators, RVUs, and GPCIs by a single procedure code, a range and a list of procedure codes. You may search for the national payment amount, a specific Carrier/MAC or a specific Carrier/MAC locality.

Physician Fee Schedule Search

MAC Name:

Noridian Administrative Services, LLC

MAC Website:

Noridian Administrative Services, LLC

Medical Director:

Gary Oakes, MD

Coverage Policies:

Frequency of Hemodialysis (L37504)

CAC Representative:

Michael Kelly, MD

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans:

Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plans

Medicaid Information

Medicaid Website:

Washington State Health Care Authority


See the Kaiser Family Foundations Medicaid Benefits Online Database

State Nephrology Society

State Nephrology Society:

No Known State Nephrology Society

Helpful Links

State Health Facts from the Kaiser Family Foundation

Stateline - a comprehensive site with state health policy information

Medicaid RAC Program Contacts

Provider Compliance Group Interactive Map

State News

CMS Approves Washington State Plan Amendment Proposal to Allow Supplemental Rebates involving a “Subscription” Model for Prescription Drug Payment in Medicaid

Washington State seniors face imminent Medicare physician access crisis

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