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    Most nephrologists are so busy practicing medicine and providing care to the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) that they have little time to think about how federal legislation and regulatory policies effects their jobs, or how they may be able to influence federal policy. Yet, every day as a nephrologist you encounter situations that relate directly to federal policymaking.

    RPA’s advocacy process encourages nephrologists and other members of the practice team to use their expertise in an open and transparent manner in order to shape public policy and provide oversight of laws, regulations, and policies adopted by the government. Effective advocacy makes crucial, policy-relevant information widely available to several key audiences that influence public policy.

    RPA has made a proactive effort to become more influential in the legislative and regulatory arenas. RPA has full-time staff working at the national and local levels to influence legislation and regulations affecting our ability provide high quality kidney patient care. RPA created a political action committee (PAC) to support those legislators who care about issues affecting the nephrology profession. RPA also joined Kidney Care Partners – a coalition of consumer, provider, industry and professional organizations – to let Congress know that on key issues the kidney community speaks with a unified voice.

    All of these actions are aimed at one goal: To establish RPA as the preeminent voice of nephrology practices.

    We cannot achieve that goal without your help. Legislators listen most closely to their constituents. You are in a unique position to put a face on a problem; to tell your elected officials how the policies they pass judgment on are affecting you, your practice and your patients. RPA has established several advocacy programs at both the national and local levels to help all members further utilize their advocacy skills.

    Take Action Nationally!

    RPA’s Legislative Action Center (LAC) facilitates the important communication between RPA members and their members of Congress as well as representatives in their state legislatures. The LAC allows RPA members to track the progress of and search for all current legislation being considered by Congress.

    Take Action Locally!

    NCAP is RPA’s local advocacy program developed to empower RPA members at the local level. NCAP’s goal is promoting appropriate nephrologists’ representation and input on the development of local coverage and regulatory and payment policies affecting renal care.