Maintenance of Certification 



RPA’s QAPI MOC Program is closed for 2016, but will be available for 2017 in the coming months. Nephrologists affiliated with participating dialysis organizations can earn 20 Practice Assessment Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits through ABIM for their participation in 5 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Meetings in a 6-month period. 

Nephrologists at the following dialysis organizations had until December 24, 2016 to submit their QAPI MOC requests:

• American Renal Associates
• Atlantic Dialysis Management Services
• DaVita Healthcare Partners
• Desert Cities Dialysis
• Fresenius Kidney Care
• Genesis Services at the Pavilion
• Queens Dialysis at the Pavilion
• Renal Ventures Management
• Trudy Weishaupt Satellite Dialysis
• Satellite Healthcare
• US Renal Care
• UVA Dialysis

If your dialysis organization is not listed, you are not eligible to participate in this program in 2016. Additional dialysis organizations may be added in 2017.

If you have ever used PQRSwizard, RPA Kidney Quality Improvement Registry or Medconcert, you will use the same username and password for this site. If not, please click the "sign up" button. 

Instructions for Nephrologists

  1. Register directly on the RPA QAPI MOC Program Portal.

    a. If you have ever used PQRSwizard, RPA Kidney Quality Improvement Registry or Medconcert, you will use the same username and password for this site.
    b. Otherwise, please click the "sign up" button and follow the prompts.
    c. If you receive a message that your email is already in use, click the "forgot password" button and it will be sent to you. If you do not receive it, please contact support@medconcert.com or 877-509-7774 (during business hours). RPA cannot provide this password for you. 
  2. Select RPA QAPI MOC program and click “Register”. If you don’t see the program, please type “QAPI” into the search box. 

  3. Complete the RPA QAPI MOC registration page. You will need your NPI, date of birth, and ABIM Diplomate Number to complete your registration. 

  4. Complete the credit card payment screen. 

  5. Select your dialysis organization, then your state and facility. You may only report your QAPI meetings for one facility, even if you are associated with multiple facilities. If you are affiliated with DaVita, Fresenius, Satellite Healthcare or US Renal Care, you do not need to enter the state and facility.  

  6. Indicate which QAPI meetings you attended as well as at least 1 the topic for each meeting. Nephrologists must attend 5 QAPI meetings in a 6-month period to claim MOC credits. Once you have done so, click "save and submit". 

  7. QAPI information must be submitted by December 24, 2016 for the 2016 program year. Please note, the RPA office is closed December 23, so we strongly recommend completing this prior to the deadline.

  8. The dialysis organization or facility will verify your participation.

  9. Following verification by the dialysis organization or facility, RPA will transmit your participation data to ABIM, and ABIM will issue the MOC credit.

  10. You will be notified that their MOC credit has been assigned via an automated email from ABIM. You may also access their Self-Evaluation Activity Report on the ABIM website to confirm the MOC credit has been granted.

The program is $50 per year, per nephrologist. You do not need to be a RPA member to participate. 


Do you need your administrator login? Please contact Amy Beckrich. 

ABIM Nephrology MOC Exam Blueprint

ABIM has released an updated Nephrology MOC exam blueprint based on feedback from physicians that MOC assessments should better reflect what they see in practice. Review the document below.